Cheap Fishing Kayak: 5 Tips to Get Better

The kayak fishing is fashionable for some time and there are many reasons for this. Kayaks are much cheaper than traditional motorboats and also allow fishermen to access less fished and more distant waters. In addition, they can be equipped with an incredible amount of equipment!

This craze has given rise to many articles written on how to equip your kayak in order to have the ideal fishing gear, which kayaks to buy for fishing and the types of accessories that will help you equip the boat when you will be at sea for cheap fishing kayak.

However, what I did not find was an in-depth speech on the mechanisms of kayak fishing . For example, what will change from fishing aboard a boat. You are closer to the water, a little less stable, sitting and at the mercy of the wind and the current. These are all factors that require a slightly different approach to “classic” fishing.

We give you these few tips for fishing in a kayak – from mastering the boat to throwing mechanics through the animation of your lures and your safety.

  1. Learn to throw with one hand

This may be the most difficult adjustment for anglers who are used to fishing from the shore or from a boat. Even the largest kayaks don’t offer much space between your seat and the water surface – making the standard two-handed throw a risky maneuver. Most of the time, experienced kayakers launch with one hand. It is therefore important to prepare accordingly. Forget the super heavy fishing rod and opt for lighter combos and finer techniques. Remember that for kayak fishing a fishing rod with a short heel will be much more comfortable.

  1. Paddle with one hand

Like launching with one hand, knowing how to handle a paddle with one hand requires skill but can allow you to get out of situations that are not always obvious. Paddling in a kayak is simple with two hands, even for the less experienced fishermen. But what to do when you are fighting a fish from one side and you have to maneuver to avoid an obstacle? Practice locking the handle of your paddle along your forearm, this technique allows you to use it as a canoe paddle.

  1. Use your feet

It may sound weird, but you’d be surprised how experienced fishermen use their feet in a kayak in one way or another to fish. If your boat is narrow enough, you can use it as a rudder to steer your drift in the current. It can also be used as an anchor when fishing in shallow areas. Just put one foot outside and let your foot act as an anchor. The feet are also great for boosting the boat from a rock or other obstacle while your hands are busy fighting a fish.

  1. Launch to head

Lures that offer strength like bibs can actually be used to help steer a light kayak. If you are fishing from a light kayak, you will quickly realize that this simple resistance of the lure pulls your boat in the direction where you launched your lure. So use this to your advantage. Launch in specific directions to subtly adjust the position of your boat.

  1. Use the swirls for kayak fishing

You might think that the current is a nightmare for fishing in a kayak, but it’s just the opposite if you know how to use it to your advantage. Most kayaks are short and light enough to stay fully seated in a counter current. This prevents the boat from moving downstream and gives you all the time you need to catch the current vein that interests you. To do this, pass in front of the place where you want to fish, then enter the swirl behind it, and fish as much as you want, without even having to row.

If you have a long distance to go make sure before (by checking the weather) that the wind and the tide will be in your direction. It is never good to go against the odds 😉

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